Tasting Event: Social Lites WI

Last week once again saw our boss lady, Charlie, out and about on a gin tasting. This time it was Social Lites WI Gin Club, held at one of her favourite venues, The Sip Club, Stretford.


The WI Gin Club meet every 2-3 months to sample gin, try new tonics and for this meeting, make cocktails.

2015-03-25 19.35.44


Cocktails wise, there was a little ‘make do and mend’ in the air, as Charlie wanted to show the ladies that you don’t need a full cocktail kit in your cupboard (though it does make things easier). With a sturdy jam jar, a tea strainer, a latte spoon and an egg cup, you can make great cocktails at home. The pennies saved can then be spent on better gin!


2015-03-25 19.36.51

With four gins to make cocktails with, it was also a chance for the ladies to sample Forest Gin, a locally made gin from Macclesfield, where Charlie presented the previous week. This has been flying off the shelves in Knightsbridge and was an absolute hit with the ladies too.


With Martini made with Daffy’s Gin, a Tom Collins made with Caorunn Gin and a Gin Old Fashioned made with both Blackwoods 40% Vintage and a specially aged Blackwoods 60% Gin, the ladies had a fabulous time and can’t wait for the next get together.